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Discover how the Rate Yield in the Kinesis ecological community rewards customers with totally alloted gold and silver based on their transactional activities with Kinesis currencies, Kau and KAG. Learn about this rewarding system's incentives, estimations, and distinct advantages.

In the vibrant globe of electronic currencies and precious metals, the Kinesis ecosystem sticks out by incorporating the advantages of blockchain modern technology with the intrinsic value of physical possessions. One of the most engaging features of this ecosystem is the Velocity Yield, a reward device that incentivizes customers to invest actively and trade Kinesis money-- Kau (gold) and KAG (silver). By engaging in these tasks, individuals can make regular monthly returns in fully allocated silver and gold, making their engagement in the Kinesis ecosystem gratifying and monetarily valuable.

Speed Yield: An Intro

The Rate Yield idea is central to the Kinesis environment. It is a financial reward to urge users to spend and trade Kinesis money. Unlike standard reward systems that offer points or credit scores, the Velocity Yield provides returns in physical gold and silver. This method enhances users' value suggestion and straightens with Kinesis's fundamental principles-- security and value preservation with precious metals.

Rewards Behind Speed Yield

The key incentive behind the Rate Return is to promote economic activity within the Kinesis environment. By rewarding individuals for their transactional activities, Kinesis makes certain that its electronic currencies, Kau and KAG, are actively utilized instead of merely held as speculative properties. This increased use assists to maintain liquidity and cultivates a dynamic trading environment, benefiting all participants.

How Rewards Are Determined

The Velocity Return program's benefit computation is straightforward yet reliable. Each customer's transactional activity-- investing or trading Kinesis money-- is kept track of and tape-recorded monthly. At the end of monthly, the total task is evaluated, and a part of the Master Cost swimming pool is assigned as incentives. Especially, the Velocity Return represent 10% of this pool, making sure energetic participants get a fair share of the built up fees.

Month-to-month Circulation of Rewards

Among the Rate Return's appealing elements is the consistency and openness of the reward distribution. Every month, individuals receive their returns directly right into their Kinesis accounts. These returns are in the form of totally assigned physical silver and gold, which suggests that individuals have actual precious metals as opposed to plain electronic depictions. This month-to-month circulation offers a constant revenue stream and reinforces the tangible value of the incentives.

The Role of the Master Charge Pool

The Master Cost pool is an essential part of the Kinesis environment. It makes up the charges accumulated from different transactions performed making use of Kinesis money. By assigning 10% of this swimming pool to the Rate Return, Kinesis guarantees that a significant part of the transactional charges is returned to the energetic participants. This redistribution version advertises fairness and urges continuous engagement within the community.

Determining Activity for Rewards

The calculation of each customer's share of the Velocity Yield is based on their relative task contrasted to the general task within the community. This indicates that users that engage much more regularly in spending and trading Kinesis currencies are most likely to receive a greater proportion of the yield. This proportional method makes sure that benefits are aligned with each individual's contribution to the environment's liquidity and general activity.

Investing and Trading: Keys to Higher Incentives

Individuals should spend proactively and trade Kinesis currencies to optimize their share of the Velocity Yield. The even more purchases a user performs, the higher their activity degree and, consequently, the greater their share of the regular monthly incentives. This mechanism not just incentivizes individual users but also increases the total transaction quantity within the Kinesis community, producing a favorable feedback loop of task and benefit.

Example Estimation: Tim, Sarah, and Owen

To highlight how the Speed Return works, think about the instance of 3 Kinesis individuals: Tim, Sarah, and Owen. Intend Tim spends 100 Kau, Sarah spends 150 Kau, and Owen spends 50 Kau monthly. The complete costs activity is 300 Kau. Tim's share of the total activity is 33.3%, Sarah's is 50%, and Owen's is 16.7%. If the overall Rate Return for the month is 10 ounces of gold, Tim would certainly get 3.33 ounces, Sarah would get 5 ounces, and Owen would receive 1.67 ounces. This example shows exactly how private spending impacts the circulation of incentives.

An Unique Return in the Digital Money Area

The Velocity Return provides an unique return that establishes it in addition to various other reward systems in the digital currency space. By supplying returns in the form of totally designated physical gold and silver, Kinesis adds a layer of value and safety and security unrivaled by conventional digital money. This unique return enhances the good looks of Kinesis currencies and offers customers with tangible, secure properties that can act as a hedge against economic volatility.

Totally Allocated Gold and Silver Payments

A significant benefit of the Velocity Return is that the incentives are paid in totally alloted physical silver and gold. This implies that individuals obtain possession of rare-earth elements saved securely and taken care of by Kinesis. The completely assigned nature of these payments ensures that customers have a direct insurance claim over the gold and silver, giving an included layer of protection and trust fund.

Regular monthly Distribution: A Constant Earnings Stream

The monthly distribution of the Speed Yield rewards offers customers a consistent and trusted income stream. This regularity makes the rewards extra foreseeable and helps customers prepare their monetary activities more effectively. Understanding they will obtain monthly returns motivates users to continue to be energetic in the Kinesis ecological community, additionally driving transactional volume and liquidity.


The Velocity Yield is a foundation of the Kinesis ecological learn more community, made to incentivize investing and trading of Kinesis money by supplying regular monthly returns in totally assigned silver and gold. By accounting for 10% of the Master Charge pool, the Velocity Return ensures that energetic participants are rewarded somewhat based upon their transactional tasks. This ingenious reward system boosts the value of Kinesis money and advertises a healthy and balanced, energetic trading setting. The Rate Yield provides an unique and desirable recommendation for customers wanting to incorporate the advantages of digital currencies with the security of precious metals.


What is the Speed Return? The Speed Return is an incentive mechanism in the Kinesis ecological community that supplies individuals with regular monthly returns in totally designated gold and silver based on their spending and trading activities with Kinesis money, Kau (gold) and KAG (silver).

Just how are the Velocity Yield incentives calculated? Benefits are determined based upon customers' overall transactional task each month. The more an individual invests or trades Kinesis money, the greater their share of the 10% allocated from the Master Charge swimming pool.

When are the benefits distributed? The Velocity Return benefits are distributed regular monthly straight into customers' Kinesis accounts.

What makes the Velocity Yield special? The Velocity Return is one-of-a-kind due to the fact that it offers returns in the form of completely assigned physical silver and gold, supplying customers with concrete assets instead of electronic debts or factors.

Can I enhance my share of the Velocity Return? Yes, individuals can boost their share of the Velocity Yield by spending even more and trading a lot more with Kinesis money. Greater transactional volume results in an extra substantial percentage of the monthly incentives.

Is the gold and silver I get without a doubt allocated to me? Yes, the gold and silver obtained via the Velocity Yield are completely assigned, meaning they are physically had by the individual and kept safely by Kinesis.

What is the Master Cost pool? It is a collection of fees created from transactions conducted more information with Kinesis money. Ten percent of this pool is allocated to the Speed Accept compensate customers based upon their transactional tasks.

Just how does the Rate Yield advertise task in the Kinesis ecological community? By offering substantial incentives for spending and trading Kinesis currencies, the Speed Return encourages individuals to be much more energetic, boosting liquidity and transactional volume within the environment.

What occurs if my task lowers? If an individual's activity lowers, their share of the Rate Yield will likewise lower because benefits are based on the percentage of total transactional activity monthly.

Exists a minimum quantity of activity called for to make benefits? While there is no stringent minimum, customers with greater spending and trading activity levels will certainly receive much more Rate Yield than much less active individuals.

Kinesis Cash Expectation: Learn & Earn: Lesson 10 - Speed Yield


The video "Learn & Earn: Lesson 10-- Velocity Yield" describes the Rate Yield within the here Kinesis monetary system. The Speed Yield is a system that incentivizes spending and trading Kinesis currencies, particularly Kau (gold) and KAG (silver), by awarding users with returns in fully allocated physical silver and gold.

What is Rate Yield?

The Speed Yield is a distinct attribute of the Kinesis monetary system designed to promote the energetic use of Kinesis currencies. Every time users buy, offer, or invest Kau or KAG, they are awarded with a return in gold and silver. This reward system urges individuals to take part in more deals, therefore increasing the general velocity of money within the Kinesis ecological community.

Just How Rate Return Functions

The Velocity Yield is moneyed by 10% of the Master Fee pool. This swimming pool is calculated and dispersed month-to-month to users based upon their spending and trading activities. The even more a customer spends or trades Kau and KAG, the greater their share of the Rate Yield.

Instance Estimation

To highlight how the Velocity Yield is dispersed, the video clip offers an instance with three customers:

Tim spends 150 Kau on his Kinesis card.
Sarah sells 100 Kau.
Owen purchases 50 Kau.

If the Master Cost pool for that month is 1000 Kau, the Velocity Return pool would certainly be 10% of that amount, i.e., 100 Kau. Based upon their activities, Tim, Sarah, and Owen's shares of the Speed Yield pool are computed as follows:

Tim: 50% share (150 Kau invested).
Sarah: 33.33% share (100 Kau sold).
Owen: 16.67% share (50 Kau acquired).
Benefits of Velocity Yield.

The Rate Return uses numerous advantages:.

Month-to-month Returns: Individuals get monthly returns in fully assigned physical silver and gold.
Urges Activity: Incentivizing spending and trading raises the total economic activity within the homepage Kinesis system.
Physical Assets: Returns are paid in physical possessions, offering users with a tangible and useful incentive.

The Velocity Yield is a powerful device within the Kinesis monetary system. It is made to reward customers for their transactional tasks with returns in silver and gold. By motivating the spending and trading of Kau and KAG, the Speed Yield aids raise the speed of money and promote financial activity within the Kinesis ecosystem.

Key Points.

Rate Yield: Incentivizes costs and trading of Kinesis currencies (Kau and KAG).

Benefits: Individuals get returns in gold and silver based on their transactional task.

Circulation: Returns are paid straight into individuals' accounts each month.

Master Fee Swimming Pool: Rate Yield represent 10% of this swimming pool.

Computation: Regular monthly computation based upon investing and trading task.

Spending and Trading: The even more an individual invests or trades, the higher their share of the Speed Return.

Instance Estimation: Demonstrated with 3 consumers, Tim, Sarah, and Owen, and their respective spending.

Distinct Return: Gives an unique return and other benefits of trading and costs rare-earth elements.

Designated Silver And Gold: Settlements are in fully alloted physical silver and gold.

Regular Monthly Distribution: Incentives are computed and distributed every month.


Intro: The video clip introduces the Rate Return and its function in the Kinesis ecological community.
Rewards: The Rate Return incentivizes the investing and trading of Kinesis money, fulfilling customers with silver and gold.
Benefits Explanation: Users obtain returns based upon their transactional activities, paid in fully designated gold and silver.
Monthly Distribution: The benefits are dispersed monthly into individuals' accounts.
Master Charge Swimming Pool: The Rate Yield make up 10% of the swimming pool.
Activity Calculation: Monthly computations are based on customers' costs and trading tasks.
Greater Share: The more users invest or trade, the higher their share from the Master Fee pool.
Instance Circumstance: An instance is provided with three consumers, more information demonstrating how the Velocity Yield is separated based upon their spending.
Unique Return: The Speed Return uses an outstanding return and other advantages of trading and investing rare-earth elements.
Fully Allocated Payments: Settlements are made monthly in completely alloted physical silver and gold.

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